Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Photographers unleash beauty of Sudan

Photographers unleash beauty of Sudan
By Matovu Abdallah Twaha 
January 15, 2013

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SHARJAH: The Sharjah-based Arab Cultural Club near Al Qasba played host to Sudanese photographers whose works brought out the beauty of the country.

A set of pictures taken from Sudan by the UAE-based Sudanese lensmen were showcased recently, amidst a packed conference room under the banner, ‘Sudanese Lenses’.

Among the photographers were Al Khaleej’s Mohammed Twahir, Haidar Fouad and Kamala Mohammed. Others were the UAE minister of foreign affairs photographer, Abubakr Mohammed Al Ahmar and Al Ittihad’s Omar Ibrahim. All were awarded with certificates of recognition.

In attendance were Sudanese dignitaries from different government departments in the UAE. Among them were Dr Omar Abdul Aziz, Ahmed Osman and Dr Mohammed Mousa.

In one picture titled ‘Harvesting from Nile’, kids were seen playing and in another, girls were fetching water from the Nile at sunset. The next photo showed a young man bending on his stick grazing cows in the green fields adjacent to River Nile.

When asked why most of the pictures portrayed the river Nile in some way or the other, Mohammed Twahir told The Gulf Today, “Remember that the Nile runs through Sudan and most of our life revolves around it.”

There were pictures depicting the market area as well. “Here is an area in the north where gold has just been discovered,” said Twahir, hastily adding, “but almost the entire Sudan is seated on gold.”

Some pictures showed people  engrossed in Sufi practices while others showed the pyramids in the North, close to Egypt.

‘Most of these pyramids are older than Egypt’s but our government doesn’t care much about culture,” said Mohammed Bakhit, an engineering student in the Emirates Aviation College.”
According to the management of the Arab Cultural Club, there will be periodical exhibitions in the future from different Arab countries.

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